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Rev. Madge Peinkofer

Energy Center Harmonics

Book with me here:


call or text: 503.551.0311

Spiritual guidance and counseling to explore the blocks and patterns so you can empower yourself to be your best. The ‘Energy Center Harmonics’ practice ‘came’ through me over time. It is unique and a remarkably effective healing practice. I facilitate healing, balancing, mending, releasing, clearing, and strengthening the energy centers (chakras) with the natural intelligence of the body. Restoring the energy center (chakra) back into wholeness by using color, intuition, a pendulum, stones, etc. in a safe, nurturing, and gentle way. My clients experience a sense of wholeness, clarity, strength, and centeredness after our sessions. 

I am also available to be a guest speaker at your event or service.
I lead ceremonies and drum circles, and the keeper of ‘One Spirit’ community drum and have a collection of circle drums, rattles, and other joyful noise makers for whatever occasion is being honored or celebrated. My drum keeper name is ‘White Cloud Feather’.

Getting married? As a wedding officiant I work with the couple to create a personalized ceremony that fits their style, preferences, and personality.

  • Spiritual Counselor

  • Energy Center Harmonics Practitioner

  • Speaker and Teacher

  • Officiant of Ceremonies, Weddings, Celebrations of Life, and Special Occasion/Celebrations

  • Community Drum Keeper and Circle Leader 

Connie Walker

Master Herbalist

Spiritual counsel to help and in power you to be able to deal with the things that are stumbling blocks in your life, using spiritual tools to find your faith and resilience to achieve your goals in life.

Wellness and Health consultations to help you attain better understanding in using alternative healing modalities such as herbs, nutritional supplements, Bach Flower remedies, and homeopathic medicines. 

Graduate of Dominion Herbal College, British Columbia, Canada with over 25 years of experience in guiding others on the use of herbal medicine.  Available for private appointments and to teach or speak on metaphysical and herbal subject matter. 

With a heartfelt desire to assist others in healing and becoming clearer on their own sacred spiritual journeys I offer spiritual guidance and mentoring.

Trained in Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, and Grief Reiki I offer sessions that assist in
balancing the body, mind, and spirit. Reiki energy helps promote deep relaxation, assists in stress reduction, provides a sense of calm, reduces pain, strengthens and supports the immune system, balances the energy centers (Chakras), and much, much more! Sessions often include the use of sound healing (crystal bowls, gong, drums, rattles, etc.). Sound healing sessions are also available.

I offer Grief Processing sessions using Reiki and other spiritually based tools to help those that are grieving. I offer support and guidance to navigate the grief journey.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher I offer Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki Master trainings. I also offer Reiki refresher courses designed to deepen your practice and address any questions or concerns since your last Reiki training or attunement.

Robert Zakian 2023 updated picture.jpg

Robert Zakian

Intuitive Readings

Speaker and Teaches courses in Metaphysical Practices

As a Intuitive Reader, Robert Aligns with your energy helping you attain your purpose, gifts, release blockages, and much more.  By expanding conscious awareness, you will have the ability to transcend limitations and have a deeper understanding of your soul’s journey.  As the false self is released, love, truth, and wisdom will emerge.

Robert is a speaker and teaches courses in Metaphysical Practices. He has provided readings since 2001 combining both eastern and western traditions.  He has studied the teaching of Meher Baba of India and a Shaman of the Native American Tradition.

Kyle Mays

Holistic Iridologist


Book with Me here: 270-943-9209

Kyle Mays is a Diplomate of Holistic Iridology® 


Iridology is a 3,000 year old art and science. The Iris, Sclera, and Pupil of the eye show the veil the soul has created, through consciousness (or forgetfulness), that reflects the illusion which prepares the soul for attaining the reality of full enlightenment. The eyes are the “windows of the soul” and can reveal our physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. Kyle helps interpret those characteristics to help you evolve and heal.


Kyle first became familiar with holistic healing and Iridology over 20 years ago during a visit with Ruben Schwartz, an Amish man in the backwoods of Kentucky. Kyle learned many things about Iridology, herbs, food as medicine, and other natural healing practices from Ruben.


In 2014 Kyle attended the world’s leading education on Holistic Iridology® at the International Institute of Iridology® led by David J. Pesek Ph.D. who is heralded as the “New Pioneer in Iridology” and one of the “world’s preeminent Iridologist” by leading health organizations. 


Kyle also extends other holistic healing practices with Men’s Coaching, Sobriety Mentoring, Reiki, and Meditation by guiding you inward to transform your life through his own spiritual healing experiences.


Kyle believes the true nature of healing begins on the spiritual level first, then into the mental and emotional levels, and finally into the physical body. 


Besides Ruben Schwartz and Dr. David J Pesek as Iridology Guides, Kyle has shared space with several other powerful healers, mentors, and teachers from all over the U.S.

Dan Doty

Shems Heartwell 

Leiven Hwang 

Naomi Love 

Sol Sebastian 

Andrew Belinsky

Kyle has also attended powerful men’s retreats and sat in ceremonial circles with

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