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Madge Peinkofer

Energy Center Harmonics



A Bit About Me

Spiritual guidance and counseling to explore the blocks and patterns so you can empower yourself to be your best. The ‘Energy Center Harmonics’ practice ‘came’ through me over time. It is unique and a remarkably effective healing practice. I facilitate healing, balancing, mending, releasing, clearing, and strengthening the energy centers (chakras) with the natural intelligence of the body. Restoring the energy center (chakra) back into wholeness by using color, intuition, a pendulum, stones, etc. in a safe, nurturing, and gentle way. My clients experience a sense of wholeness, clarity, strength, and centeredness after our sessions. 

I am also available to be a guest speaker at your event or service.
I lead ceremonies and drum circles, and the keeper of ‘One Spirit’ community drum and have a collection of circle drums, rattles, and other joyful noise makers for whatever occasion is being honored or celebrated. My drum keeper name is ‘White Cloud Feather’.

Getting married? As a wedding officiant I work with the couple to create a personalized ceremony that fits their style, preferences, and personality.

  • Spiritual Counselor

  • Energy Center Harmonics Practitioner

  • Speaker and Teacher

  • Officiant of Ceremonies, Weddings, Celebrations of Life, and Special Occasion/Celebrations

  • Community Drum Keeper and Circle Leader 

Book with Me here: or call/text 503-551-0311

White Feather
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